Customer Care

Carbon Etch works with all their customers directly to offer the most personalised service possible . We are a creative collective that values customer input . We strive to assist anywhere we can with all inquires and issues to get them resolved quickly and kindly 

Privacy & Safety

Carbon Etch website  is build through on a secure platform. Making sure all our customers information is kept safe . 

All payments are made through Square payments . Which is a secure tried and tested payment service .


Caron Etch will never hold or need your personal payment details . Please beware of Scammers . We will never ask or contact you for any of this information . 

When you sign up for our newsletter only your provided email and name given are saved . Until you want to unsubscribe which you are welcome to do at any time . We do not share any of these details .

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • Square Payments