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Applying Cushion Designs

Introducing our first blog post, heat transfer rose gold cusions. We walk you though the process in a step by step informational video.

Heat transfer vinyl is an extremely versatile product. With many finishes and texture .

It can used on a multitude of materials such as

  • Fabrics

  • Woods

  • Metal 

  • Glass and more ...

These are 5 of our favourite ideas for cushions , but the possibilities are endless

  1. Your beloved pet in pattern or large picture form 

  2. Inspirational quotes 

  3. Film themed designs 

  4. Personalised dates and moments that will stay memorable for years to come 

  5. Educational cushions for kids and adults alike 

Pet pattern cushions (Carbon Etch Product)

Thank-you for taking the time to watch our vidoe and read our blog. We shall have many more exciting posts coming soon. If you would like to see something specific let us know and we will try our best to make it happen

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